Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I have been the biggest blogging slacker in the world!
We were crazy busy this semester, which added to my lack of blogging.
But I am back with an update!

I finished my student teaching a couple of weeks ago.
I absolutely enjoyed my experience of student teaching.
It confirmed to me that I picked an excellent career for me.
It just feels like exactly what I need to do, but now I'm searching for a job.
Keep your eyes peeled for health/p.e. teaching jobs!

Alex finished off the semester strong.
We both got to graduate together last weekend!
Our families came and celebrated with us.

That weekend we celebrated my mom's birthday as well.
We had a surprise party for her.
She said that we were either planning a surprise birthday party for her or my dad was having an affair.
Luckily it was the first situation instead of the second!
Lots of my mom's friends now live in Utah so it was nice to see some old friends.

Other things happening:
Alex accepted a job in Cedar City for the summer. 
Normally he drives truck for his dad in the summer but this is a civil engineering opportunity.
He's excited to start it.
It was a little unexpected but it was a good blessing!
So this summer we will be spending our time between Provo and Cedar City.

I'm still coaching lacrosse. 
Can I tell you how much I love this job?
I can't get over how lucky I am to coach such an amazing group of ladies.
They brighten my day every single day.

We have 2 games left.
It's crazy that at such a young age I have been doing my dream job.

We are just living life and enjoying our time together.
We got new road bikes for graduation so we will be biking all summer!
We are so excited for our summer and can't wait for the exciting opportunities ahead.

But for right now, we are soaking up our free time!a