Monday, May 11, 2009


So this whole blogging thing is brand new to me but I am going to try and get used to it! Alex and I have been engaged for 3 weeks and 2 days. Haha. I am totally keeping track. Sadly we are apart pretty much the entire summer. We got to see each other this past weekend for our engagement pictures (which I will post when I get them) but we don't get to see each other again until July. Its super hard on both of us!! Alex is driving trucks for his dad and trying to make some money. I am deep into the wedding planning and working at Pier 1 again. We are so in love and can not wait until August 14th! I'll try to stay on top of this as well.
Some pictures from the engagement and Alex's stay in Nashville!

After he asked!

So excited!

Everyone holding the signs. Seriously best day ever. Xtina took pictures of us in Nashville

lovin in nashville


Mrs.Hamilton said...

The summer will fly by before you know it, just keep yourself busy planning for your beautiful wedding and it will be here sooner then you know it!! Congrats girl, Married life is so different but its amazing.

Brandon Trout said...

lol you said "I'll try to stay on top of this as well." thats *totally* what SHE said.

also- what happened to dec 21st?

-b trout

Trevor and Jamie said...

I'm Alex's cousin Jamie, we have a blog too if you ever want to look at it! I'm so excited for you and Alex!