Monday, October 25, 2010

Alex and I rode the bus today.
Here is the conversation we heard:
Girl "I have to plead guilty anyways."
Boy "Why do you have to plead guilty?"
Girl "Because I was speeding...and I don't have a drivers license..."
Boy "How fast were you going?"
Girl "100 something...and it was a construction zone...and i didn't show up to court."

oh the wheels on the bus.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

This post is dedicated to this foxy lady.

It is her 22nd birthday today!
Yes it is today even though I'm writing this at 12:40am.

Here's a few reasons why we should celebrate Miss Wendy.

1. She is so funny.
We will find funny youtube videos.
And quote them
It's hilarious.

2. She's good at what she does.
She works with her sister Cheryl and is excellent at her job.
I'm sure they'll miss her.

3. She's strong in the gospel.
So strong.
I've had some awesome talks with her about the gospel.

4. She's about to serve a mission.
In Argentina, Salta.
Those people of Argentina don't realize how lucky they are.

5. She's good with babies.
She never thought she was.
But she is amazing with our nephews.
Especially Tyler :)

6. She has the BEST red hair.
Oh my gosh I love it.
I want my babies to have Wendy color hair.

7. She's a good friend.
To me and to her other friends.

8. She's easy to talk to.
I can't count the awesome conversations I've had with her.

9. She's a good sister.
To Alex and to her other sisters.
And me, cause I'm sister(in-law).

10. I just love her sa much!

It's a slight understatement to say Alex and I will miss Wendy a lot when she's gone.
But we're so proud of her and what she's doing.

So Happy 22nd Wendy!

Jump for joy!
You're another year older and wiser too!
Happy birthday to youuu!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We finally carved pumpkins!
We love carving pumpkins.
We had Kevin and Gillian over for pizza and pumpkin carving.
It was a blast.

Alex and Kevin carving, Gillian just posin.

Kevin and Gills pumpkin.

Mine and Alex's pumpkin.

After carving the pumpkins
we enjoyed eating pumpkin seeds, watching our favorite youtube videos, and cracking up about super embarrassing situations.

It was a great night.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Okay so I have a good friend Gillian
Whom I totally love.
And I'm dedicating this post to her.

Because if I do I could get one of her amazing headbands.
Plus my readers should go to her blog because she is really amazing.
Click on her name.
Haha. Love ya Gil.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

For those of you who don't know.
I'm a runner.
But really,
I started running this summer just to keep in shape.
Now I've been running almost every day for about 4 months.
If you know me, I used to despise running.
The thought of it made me sick.
When I was 15 I found out I had a bulging disc in my back.
Running on pavement was on the list of what not to do.
So for 5 years I hadn't run on pavement.
I ran on grass for soccer and lacrosse but that was it.
This summer I started to do it and my back would be a little sore.
But I think the Dr. had it wrong.
Running has been the solution to my back pain.
Since I've been running my back has never been better.

Why am I writing this post?
Well I went on my morning run today, and thought about running.
I thought about Alex's cousin Holly, who lost her husband when he was running.
I thought about how stupid I used to think running was.
I thought about people who can't run.

So I thought I should pay tribute to running.

Because it has helped me.
It's helped me get into the best shape I've ever been in.
It helps me relieve stress or anger.
Sometimes it helps me get through a hard day.

I ran my first 5k, labor day weekend.

On the 30th of October, Alex and I will run our first half marathon.
Dressed like this (kind of).

For the Provo Halloween Half Marathon.

Wish us luck!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today we went to True Blue Football.
It is for homecoming week.
It was so fun!
You slide through blue foam.
Seriously? How fun.

Before the foam.

We're blue people!

We love foam.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My sister-in-law Cheryl,
sent me this picture today.

I bought these for the boys the day we found out they were boys.
Yes he looks sad, but it's because his aunt that rocks isn't holding him.
It's okay Joshiiiieee! I'll come hold you soon.
Loveee my nephews.