Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Valentines Day:
Day started with going to school.
A student brought me a cupcake!

I didn't have to teach because the counselors are teaching the next few days about suicide and stress.
So it was a relaxing day.

After school, I had lacrosse.
I let the girls bring a date to practice and it was a fun day. 
The girls really enjoyed it.
I wanted Alex to come but he has a meeting every Tuesday from 1-4.
Well surprise surprise Alex showed up!
Right as we were starting practice I saw my sweetheart walking to the field with flowers.
Look at him go.

After practice we went home and just relaxed until we had dinner at P.F. Changs.
The best part is that it was the most time I've got to spend with Alex on a weekday.
We don't get to see each other much with our busy schedule so it was great to spend the afternoon with him.

I love Valentines Day.
I know people are downers on this day cause they're single, but there's tons of people to love.
I love getting the texts from friends and family on Valentines Day.

Happy Love Day!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!
Spend it with people you love.

I know I am.
I get to spend it with my students, my lacrosse girls, and my husband.
Just missing some family but sending all the love their way!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Great News!

Yesterday was such a good day!
I've been trying to go to the gym a lot because my doctor told me to really work on building up my quad muscles because that will help with my knee.
The stronger it is, the less likely I'll have to get surgery.

So yesterday, I headed to the gym after lacrosse.
And let me tell you. It's been hard.
It's hard to get up at 6:30, go to school, then to lacrosse, then the gym. 
I don't get home until 7.

But I've been going and riding the bike.
Yesterday, I decided I was going to jog a lap on the track and see how it felt.
I did it with my brace on.
I did one lap, felt pretty good.
Did another. Still feeling good.

I ended up running three miles yesterday!
It was so exciting. 
I started crying after I did one lap I was so excited.
I do not enjoy running, but I always feel the best after a run.
I can't find that same feeling with any other type of exercise and I've missed it. 

My knee was great. I had to be really conscious of each step I took.
I didn't want to jerk one way or the other cause I knew that would hurt it.
But paying attention and running cautiously was great.
I'm starting to feel so much better and that there might be a light at the end of this long injury tunnel.