Thursday, March 22, 2012

Birthday Week 4

This past week was my birthday week!
This was the 4th birthday week that Alex and I had together.
Here's a breakdown about the week.

Thursday morning I got in my car and found a card with a sub zero gift card in it.
My favorite!

That night we went to a Jazz game. 
We started in the nosebleeds but moved down into the lower bowl.
It went into over time and the Jazz won! 
It was a great game.

Friday morning, I woke up and Alex had got me some sweet tooth fairy cupcakes!
They have been delicious.

That night Alex had a flag football and I went and watched.
After the football game I headed to Menchies frozen yogurt with my lacrosse team.
We were working on a team building weekend that weekend.

When I got home my friend Gillian came over and brought in sweet baby Mia.
She's such a sweet little baby!
She's now 3 weeks old.

On Saturday Alex had to leave to drive in the middle of the night, but I woke up to all my favorites!
Popcorn, tickets to a movie, diet coke, twix and laffy taffy's!
That afternoon I hung out with Cheryl.

When Alex got home on Saturday, we noticed that strange things happened!
There was a rainbow in his closet with a pot of gold at the end.
And our milk was green!
We hung around on Sunday and then my lacrosse girls came over for Sunday dinner.
It was really great.

Alex wrote me a love letter that night.

Monday I spent at school, but when I came home, I read that Alex had been accepted into Grad School!
We are so happy.
And I read the acceptance letter in my new lounger!
Alex called it my luxurious Lake Powell lounger!
Perfect for Lake Powell

Tuesday Alex came home with some flowers and a balloon for me!

Wednesday I went to school!
I wore the crown my mom got me in the summer.

My mentor teacher is so awesome. 
She bought me balloons and put them on the chair up front.
She also bought me lunch.
My fourth period students sang me Happy Birthday
and the office gave me a twix bar!
I couldn't imagine a better place to spend my birthday.

After school, Alex met me near the interstate and we headed up to Weber for a lacrosse game.
He gave me my birthday present. 
I got a shopping spree and shellac nails gift card!
Can't wait to use them.

My sweet lacrosse girls brought me a poster, and a sweet card.
One of my former players put a cute note on instagram as well.
Unfortunately we couldn't pull out a win.

We ended the day by going to Sub Zero with Jessika, Cami, Christina, and Connor.
It was a great day.
Alex spoiled me like crazy.
I had tons of family say Happy Birthday.
I got to talk to both my Mom and my Dad.

I have a feeling year 22 is going to be amazing.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Month of Birthdays

Another birthday happened around here yesterday!
It was Kenny's 20th Birthday on Monday! 

I can't believe he is 20 that just seems so old! 
All of my siblings are now out of the teens. 

Kenny is such a great person. 
In his letters from the MTC he's mantained his humor and the letters crack me up.
One of the most recent letters he told Alex he passed on the honor of being the man of the house to him. He knows its a hard job and that Alex is young, but he knows Alex can do it.
He thinks the MTC is prison but that he's getting through it. 
He's been also so sweet in all of his letters.
The email I got today said "your such an awesome sister, i was so lucky to get such awesome sisters. i love you guys alot. ive always thought that i have really cool sisters, you guys are awesome and i love you"

Totally made me cry.

We miss him like crazy but we are so proud of him.

Happy Birthday 20 year old Kenny!

(can you tell I'm ready for summer??)

Monday, March 5, 2012

This girl just turned 20 this weekend.
Miss Cami Lou is now out of her teen years. 
The other day we discovered that I've known Cami since she was 16.
Cami is such a sweet fun girl.
She is always full of life.
The poor girl is extremely accident prone, but has never let that hold her down.
We love spending time with Cami because we always have fun.

Happy Birthday Cam Bam!
You're just so old!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leap Day

Our leap day was very bittersweet.
My little brother Kenny went into the MTC yesterday.
We are so proud of him and so excited for him to serve in New Zealand and serve the Tongan people (sweet). 
But Kenny has lived with Alex and I the past two months. 
I've always had a great relationship with my brother but I think having him around all the time added to the sadness of him leaving. 
I'm so excited for him, but I know I'll miss him all the time.

I'm so thankful for the gospel and to know what Kenny is doing will bless so many people.
I'm also thankful for the time it gives him to grow and mature into a great man.

But I do have to say we will be counting down the days until we see him again!

Christina's Birthday!

I'm a little behind in the blogging world!
But last Saturday was Christina's birthday so I need to give her a shout out birthday post!
This year Alex and I did a birthday week for Christina.
Every since Alex started one for me, Christina said she's going to have her future husband do it for her.
So we just started for her this year!

She's the big 24.
Christina is such a great sister/friend.
We've gotten way closer being in college and I love having her around.
She's funny, spontaneous and outgoing.
Everyone who meets her loves her.
We had a birthday party for her at our apartment on Sunday and she had tons of friends show up.

We are so thankful for Christina and we love having her by us!

Happy 24th!
Love you Nina!