Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Month of Birthdays

Another birthday happened around here yesterday!
It was Kenny's 20th Birthday on Monday! 

I can't believe he is 20 that just seems so old! 
All of my siblings are now out of the teens. 

Kenny is such a great person. 
In his letters from the MTC he's mantained his humor and the letters crack me up.
One of the most recent letters he told Alex he passed on the honor of being the man of the house to him. He knows its a hard job and that Alex is young, but he knows Alex can do it.
He thinks the MTC is prison but that he's getting through it. 
He's been also so sweet in all of his letters.
The email I got today said "your such an awesome sister, i was so lucky to get such awesome sisters. i love you guys alot. ive always thought that i have really cool sisters, you guys are awesome and i love you"

Totally made me cry.

We miss him like crazy but we are so proud of him.

Happy Birthday 20 year old Kenny!

(can you tell I'm ready for summer??)

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