Monday, October 25, 2010

Alex and I rode the bus today.
Here is the conversation we heard:
Girl "I have to plead guilty anyways."
Boy "Why do you have to plead guilty?"
Girl "Because I was speeding...and I don't have a drivers license..."
Boy "How fast were you going?"
Girl "100 something...and it was a construction zone...and i didn't show up to court."

oh the wheels on the bus.


Gillian Mohlman said...

hahahaha oooh my gosh. Really? People are DUMB. Really dumb. you better hide yo alex from that crazy bus :)

Hope you guys got all the rides in he needs for his assignment! I have never been on a public bus before.. not sure I ever will be able to!

Rachel said...

hahahah I think I was in traffic court with that girl (she'd missed her original court date & got hunted down)...or someone with her exact same story..... hahahah