Monday, May 10, 2010

So I haven't updated much about our happenings.
Well the reason is because we don't have many.
Alex has been driving a lot and I've been doing school.
But her is what we did this past weekend.I went to a shower for Cheryl and her future twin boys.
Yay I can't wait for those little aliens to be here.
It was a lot of fun.

Oh and I made a diaper cake for Cheryl's shower.
I have discovered my talent. Haha.
But seriously. If you want one I'll totally do it.
After her shower we hung out at Alex's Aunt Mary Kay's.
Her granddaughters were staying the weekend and we had a fun time joking with them.
These girls are the cutest.
Oh and they loved torturing Alex.

That night we watched the Jazz game.
Which left Alex dissappointed.
Then we came home and had a pizza and fell asleep to Old Dogs.

Sunday was Mothers day and the best part of the day was talking to Hermana Chatfield!
She sounded so good and it was weird to think the next time we talk is when we see her face to face.
I can not wait for my sister and bestest friend to be home.
It'll be awesome having her back.

I seriously love my husband and him being gone lately has made me realize how much I love him.
I love having him around and it has been really hard with him being gone.
But I do get to see him a lot even though I'm used to seeing him all day.

It was a great weekend.
Can't wait for this coming one!

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