Saturday, February 5, 2011

Since February is the month of LOVE
Here are some of the things I love.

My sweet sweet husband.
I love this man to death.
I'm so glad I met him and that we are spending eternity together.
I love Alex.

I love my family.
My mom is my best friend. We talk everyday.
I love my dad, he is so awesome. He's so fun to hang out with and talk to. One of my best friends.
My sister is my best friend. I'm so glad she's home from her mission and I get to see her whenever I want!
My brother is another best friend. He is hilarious. So fun to be around.
I'm so thankful Ana has joined our family. I love her.
I love my family.

I love my nephews.
Joshie and Tyler bear.
They are the sweetest little boys.
I love how much personality they are getting and how happy they are.
I love these sweet boys.

I love my dog.
Nash is the cutest thing ever!
He's the best dog, he is so cute and funny.
I love Nash.

I love my in-laws.
I'm so thankful I married into such a great family.
I'm glad I have my sisters-in-law that live close by.
I have had great times with all of them and I'm so glad to have many more.
I love them.

I love running.
Wait what??
Yes, I love it!
My back feels so much better when I do it and I just feel overall better.
I love running!

I love diet coke.
Currently I'm not drinking it because I have a bet with my dad.
But once the semester is over I look forward to a giant sip of some d.c.
I love it.

I love the lake.
I love it so much.
It is one of my favorite places in the world.
I can't wait for summer and some lake time.
I loveeee the lake.

I love my friends.
I love making new friends and I love my old ones.
It is such a comfort to have friends to talk to.
I've known Lindsay for almost 8 years now.
We've been best friends for so long and still find time to talk and joke.
I love her.
Gillian and I met about a year and a half ago as visiting teaching companions.
We've built such a great friendship.
I love her.
I love all my friends new and old.

These are just a few things I love and as the month continues I may add some more love.
Happy month of LOVE.


Gillian Mohlman said...

becs. I love your guts. you are such a great friend!!! I love this post sooo very much.

btw, that picture of us is hideous! well, you look good, but I look gross. we need a new one. :)

Kristi said...

I love YOU miss Becca!! I think that you are just the bestest!!;)

Rachel said...

Love this Becca! So cute :)