Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This weekend we spent some time in Moab!
It was fun, I've never been there.
Alex and I before our hike to Delicate Arch.
Joshie with Uncle Alex!
Under the arch.
So cool!
Tyler Bear was sleepy after the hike.
Love these boys!

Their first swim!

It was a fun weekend.
It was nice and hot, definently what we've been missing in Provo.
It was also nice to see Alex all weekend.

Can't wait for summer!
Last week is my last week of classes!!

1 comment:

Gillian Mohlman said...

im. so. mad. u. didnt. invite. us. to . your. first. trip. to. MOAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh becca. we cant be friends.

haha jk, but really, super jealous we werent there! Did you love it?!! i cant wait till you are done with classes. lets seriously have like a girl week. no husbands. haha i miss u like crazy