Monday, July 29, 2013

Long Over Due Update

Wow! Haven't been on the blog for a WHILE! I think it's probably time for an update. I'd really like to be better with the baby on the way! Since the last post here's our exciting news: We left our cute little apartment in Provo and moved to Parowan, UT. What the heck?! I'm sure many of you have no clue where it is. It's a small town in southern Utah. Just outside of Cedar City. It's actually where Alex grew up. Alex finished school and decided to work with his dad in the trucking company. He has some really great ideas and will be great at his job. Not to mention he is much happier with his work than he is in school. Which is great for me! Right now we are renting from Alex's Aunt in a cute little house in town. We are starting to work with a builder and are planning on building a house! I'll keep that updated as it goes along.
Baby News: Our last post was us posting that little baby E was a boy. Well surprise surprise, the ultrasound tech was wrong! We are actually having a girl! I'm still kind of in shock about the surprise, but thankful we didn't have much bought. I'm also measuring small, so the doctor thinks I will have the baby at the beginning of November instead of at my original due date, October 21st. We are just praying she isn't born on Halloween. I don't believe in mixing holidays. I prefer to add more than to take any away.
I have had an interesting pregnancy. The first 19 weeks I was really sick. Never throwing up, but I was sick from the time I woke up in the morning until I went to bed. I had a really hard time eating. I had lost 5 pounds in the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy. After week 19, it went down to only about an hour each day, and then I just didn't feel sick any more. I was so thankful no to fee sick. Because of a bulging disk in my back, the back pain is out of control. It also doesn't help that little girl is kicking me in the ribs a few times a day. This week I go in to take my glucose test and get the rhogam shot, because Alex is a positive blood type and I am a negative. I made it to the 3rd trimester today! We are so excited to meet out little girl. Alex and I talk about her all the time. He is so excited to meet her. He'll be the best dad. And it's probably good we'll have a little girl first because the way he beats up on his nephews, I don't know if a little boy would have survived! I can already tell he will be very protective of his little girl.
27 week picture. 

As for me, I finished teaching in May and now I just do customer service from home. The plan is to continue to do that even when the baby's born. It's just really convenient and the extra money never hurts. I have driven up a few times to hang out with my sister in Salt Lake and have plans to go up there again in August. I get to see my in-laws a lot which is nice. I also get to see my parents in August for our family vaca to Lake Powell. I am counting down the days! Can't wait!

That's our update for now. I'll really try to be better at blogging (famous last words) but the goal is to have it like a little journal since I don't keep a journal either! We'll see if I can keep it up!

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