Saturday, July 3, 2010

We went white water rafting today in Chattanooga, TN!
It was so fun.
Alex fell out.
And tried pulling Kenny out with him.
He was the only one that felt out.
He said, "I don't even remember it. It happened so fast."
The guide told him to lean left.
He leaned right.
We had fun pulling each other in the swimming areas.
Every one ended up taking a swim but Dad.
No one could get him in!
I'll post some pictures when I load them to my computer.
It was a great day!


Justin and Stacey said...

Becca, this is Alex's cousin Stacey. I know you guys are in TN and I was wondering where. We are here right now and I was just wondering if you guys were close or not. I like to read your blog and stay updated on you guys! Alex is one of my favorites. :)

Alex and Becca said...

We are in Brentwood, which is just south of Nashville. Alex wrote on your facebook wall to see where ya'll were!

{The Castletons} said...

Aww I remember going white water rafting with the Chatfields. So fun. Glad you are back with your family and enjoying your summer :)

KKortney44 said...

I con definitely relate to Alex...I am ALWAYS the one that falls in. I have tried many times to have a fun white water rafting trip, void of near death experiences, but I just can't seem to do it. HaHa. I'm glad you guys had fun though and you all returned home alive! =D