Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend update:
We had so much fun in Tennessee.
It was too short.
We went to a water park/carnival thing in Kentucky.
Lots of fun.
Next we hit up all my favorite restaurants/ice cream.
Peters Sushi, Mere Bulles, Sweet Cece's, Menchie's.

I got to see my bestest friend Lindsay.
Always so fun with her.

We saw Alex's cousin, Stacey, who lives in Cleveland.
In Nashville.
We took pictures were we got married and had our reception.
Since it's almost been a year!

I got to spend tons of quality time with my mom, dad, kenny, and NASH.
We went whitewater rafting.

On the 4th we watched fireworks at Crockett Park.
We lit our own fireworks.
That same day Alex became an Uncle
And I became an Aunt!
We got to take a quick trip to the lake even though our boat is broke!
Thanks Robinsons!

Such a fun trip home.
It's always really hard to leave.
My family really are my best friends.
I'm glad I don't have to leave Alex behind!

Miss you Tennessee, see you soon!


Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

I am jealous of your fun vacation! I love all your pictures, your family looks like such fun.

Holly said...

Fun trip. We should have driven out to meet up with you guys and Stacey. It's only 10 hours!