Saturday, August 14, 2010

Alex and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary today.
It's been a year already?
Seriously the best year ever.
I love Alex so much.
He was the greatest thing that came into my life
& I'm so glad he asked me to marry him.
A year ago we had our dream wedding and every day since has just been better.
I love you Alex!
One year down, eternity to go.


Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

happy one year! We love you guys!!

The Castletons said...

Ahh one year! Congrats guys! It feels so much better to say you've been married over a year when people ask how long you've been married. So happy for you guys!

Kristi said...

Congrats you two!! Just wait, it keeps getting better!! :) Love ya

Kristi said...

Oh and your dress was gorgeous!! :)