Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Highlights of 2010:
Celebrated 6 months of marriage.
Alex turned 24.
Becca turned 20.
We celebrated another successful birthday week.
Becca got all A's in Spring term.
Alex drove cattle.
Kenny graduated high school.
Cami graduated high school
Joshie and Tyler were born.
We went to Lake Powell.
Kenny came to Lake Powell with us.
We celebrated one year of marriage.
Ana became a member of our family.
Mom drove Kenny and Ana out here for school.
Nash celebrated his 7th birthday.
My parents moved to Naples, Florida.
Made new great friends.
Became nursery teachers.
Christina came home from her mission.
Wendy went on her mission.
Went to Florida for Thanksgiving.
Becca got all A's for fall semester.
Went to Parowan for Christmas.
Becca's family came and skied for New Years.

There's our highlights of 2010!
I'll add some pictures of Christmas and New Years when my computer is back.

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