Monday, January 17, 2011

I finally got my computer back!
So here is the update!

We spent Christmas this year in Parowan.
After finals were over we headed down for a week in P-town!

The first day we were there Alex helped his dad hang the Christmas lights
(a little late we know).
That evening we were supposed to go caroling.
They do it every Christmas.
Alex was so excited because he hasn't gotten to go in a long time.
Sadly, there was a giant snow storm.
And we were stuck inside.
But, we had a good dinner and had fun anyways!

On Tuesday, we attempted to go sledding.
It was a fail.

On Wednesday we went to Vegas with Alex's parents and Cami.
We spent the day shopping at the outlets.
That night we went to the Boise State vs. Utah game.
It was way fun.
We stayed the night in the Rio.
We walked around the casino and even gambled the dollar we had.
We doubled our starting wager.

Us at the game!
Dressed for Boise, of course.

We drove back to Parowan on Thursday.
The rest of the family showed up that night.

On Friday, Christmas Eve, we did a little last minute shopping in the morning.
When we got home we got ready and went to Alex's Aunt Noreen's for dinner.
They do the nativity every year but lately they haven't because Cade ruined it.
But I have never done it so I was excited!
I got to be Mary, and Alex was Joseph.
Our baby Jesus was played by Tyler.
Jared was an ass.
Preston and Janice were the shepherds.
Cade and Jacob were the wisemen.
Cami and Heath were the angels.
Here is a picture of the whole cast.

Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus.
We got home from Noreen's and all put on our pjs.
We wrapped some last minute gifts and it was off to bed.
Alex and I watched Four Christmases before we fell asleep.
It's one of our favorite Christmas movies.

The next morning we woke up and had Christmas!
It was a different Christmas than I was used to because Alex's family doesn't wrap their Santa gifts.
It was different but fun.
We got lots of goodies.
My parents are awesome and sent their gifts to Cheryl who wrapped them and brought them down.
It was a great suprise.

I was so excited for Alex to open my gift to him.
He's needed a new snowboard for so long!
He had no idea I was getting him one and he was so excited!

This was my favorite gift!
Alex got me a Nike Sportband which is awesome for running.
It tells you your pace, distance, time, calories burned, everything!
I use it all the time.
It was a great surprise!

The twinners got life jackets for Christmas!
We can't wait for this summer at Lake Powell!

This is on Christmas Day.
We went over to Alex's Aunt Marie's.
We are wearing some Christmas clothes.
Joshie was using one of Prestons toys.
He was the driver of the car.

Christmas day was long and tiring.
Tyler and I needed a diet coke to keep us going.

So fun with these boys on Christmas!
I can't wait until they're a little older and understand.

We had a great Christmas break.
We're so thankful we had to opportunity to spend a week with Alex's family.
It was a great break from school and Provo.

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Gillian Mohlman said...

I totally forgot to ask you if he loved his new snowboard! It looks awesome! Did you get those pink shoes for xmas?