Monday, July 4, 2011

I've been meaning to put this up for a while and just got around to doing this.
It's more for my personal records but my few readers can enjoy it as well.
One morning I woke up and found this sweetness from my husband.
(excuse the spelling I just copied and pasted)

Things I love about my wife

·      How she always tries to make me happy-The girl would do anything for me.
·      The way she love her dog-She almost cried when I wouldn’t let him sleep with us.
·      The way she keeps the romance alive-She is always thinking of ways to strengthen our relationship.
·      Her beautiful face that I get to wake up next to-I’m not sure how I got her.
·      Her athleticism-She’s the only girl who’s ever beat me at basketball.
·      Her playfulness-Some nights I cant go to bed because she just want to tickle torture me to death.
·      The way she forgives and forgets-Ive done some stupid stuff in the past few years but she loves me more today then the day we got married.
·      Her flirtyness-The first time I met her she turned it on, and hasn’t stopped since….and I love it.
·      She’s adventurous- She is always will to try something at least once.
·      She’s brave- She dares to do things that really scare me, although they sometimes have lasting consequenses.
·      Her love for her family- She talks to her mom every day, and loves every second spent with them. And would give her left leg for her siblings.
·      Her mothering skill- Our kids are so lucky. They will literally have the best mom ever. Ive already seen it coming out when shes around our nephews.
·      Her cooking- She may not agree but I have never had a bad meal that shes cooked.
·      Her work ethic- She is the hardest working student at the school and her grads so it.
·      Her cheerfulness- Most people that meet her wont forget her. Just ask her advisor.
·      Her love of animals- Still cant get her to come to the slaughter house with me.
·      The way she supports me- I leave to go trucking for days at a time and when she helps me get through everyday.
·      Her constant willingness to want to talk with me- Ims ure we have the all time record for number of texts sent to each other.
·      Her amazing hair-people pay for a head of hair like that.
·      Her faithfulness- She really tries hard to keep the gospel a focus in our lives.
·      Her fire for the future- She can not wait to be a teacher or for the upcoming lacrosse season.
·      She’s a fish-I sure hope our kids take after her in that department.
·      Her creativeness- She always has a new project shes working on. Just ask joshie and tyler about there birthday present.
·      Her helpfulness- I got a great grade on the paper she wrote for me.
·      Her dedication-She started running and hasn’t stopped since,
·      Shes hott- She had me from the first time I looked at her.
·      Shes my wife and I get to spend eternity with her!

It made me cry when I read this.
Alex makes me feel so special.
 I'm so thankful we met and that we were sealed for eternity in the temple.
Luckiest girl ever?
I'd say yes.

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Gillian Mohlman said...

um, jealous much??

That was the cutest thing I have ever read. I just might have gotten a tear as well. I LOVE it! You guys are the cutest couple ever. So glad we are friends :)