Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Boston Continued

 The next day we had the family reunion.
Grandma and Grandpa gave us our own cake to celebrate our second anniversary!
So sweet!

We ate some lunch, played games, and watched family slide shows.
 3 Alex's.
Uncle Alex, Cousin Alex, Hubby Alex.
 Dad and Nina playing a game.
The whole Chatfield gang.
Also Grandma's sister, Ginger, and her daughter Patty.

After the party, we all did a boat ride in Plymouth Harbor.
We had a great time and loved to be able to hang out with family.
Hopefully we don't wait so long to see them all again!


On Monday, we moved hotels and stayed in Boston.
We started the day with a jog through Boston Commons. (Mom and I)

After, we went on a duck tour!
It's an amphibious vehicle! So fun.
We learned tons of history about Boston along the way.

After the tour, we went to a bbq with my Gparents for temple workers.
My Gparents are in the temple presidency for the Boston Temple.
After we went up to the temple to show Alex and Ana.
It was cool to see.
I remember going through the open house of the temple before it was finished.

Then we went and hit some major spots along the freedom trail.
Below we went and saw the USS Constitution.
We also saw Paul Revere's house, Bunker Hill Monument, the site of the Boston Massacre, the graves of Samuel Adams and others, and a lot more!

 Christina hiking Bunker Hill Monument.
294 Stairs!!

Tuesday consisted of walking in Boston Commons.
We saw the ducklings in the park from the book "Make Way for Ducklings".
We did a swan boat ride.
We saw the frog pond.
We walked around Boston some more.
And finished the day with dinner at a small little restaurant.

We had a great time in Boston, but the best part was spending time with family.
I was so happy to show Alex a large part of my life.
It was fun for him to see a place that I really do find beautiful.
Thanks for a great trip Mom and Dad.
See you later Boston...maybe when we have a baby we'll come back!

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