Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Boston Trip

Boston Trip
August 11th-17th
We left SLC on Wednesday the 11th, and flew first to Chicago. 
In Chicago, we ended up connected with Mom and Dad and flew with them to Boston.

After we arrived, we headed to Hingham Harbor. 
We looked at the harbor and then headed to one of my parents favorite restaurants, Tosca.

After eating, we drove around to different areas we lived.
We went and saw the houses Dad grew up in and the ones Mom lived in as well.
We showed Alex and Ana where we lived.
We showed them the first house I ever lived in.
And then we showed them the last house we lived in.
This is the house I lived in from ages 4-8.

We went and said hi to my grandparents as well as my cousins and my Uncle Kevin.
We then went and checked into our hotel in Plymouth and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

On Friday, we woke up went to breakfast.
Mom and Alex both share a love for breakfast so we always had really good breakfasts.
The one in Plymouth was one of our favorites.
Mom choking Alex at breakfast.
Dad and Kenny at breakfast.
Ana, me and Christina at breakfast.

After breakfast we headed into Boston.
We went and did a tour of Fenway park.
I always remember going to Red Sox baseball games when I was little.
It was so fun to learn all the history of the Red Sox and Fenway park.

After Fenway Park we headed over to the Quincy Market.
It's like a little farmers market.
We walked around there and ate lunch.
Alex had real New England clam chowder.
I had some awesome lobster bisque.

Right by Quincy Market is Fauneil Hall.
It's still used as a meeting house.
It's been a meeting house from 1972 until now!

We then went to Situate Harbor.
This is one of the places I most remember in Massachusetts.
I remember going there when we were really little and playing on the rocks and touching the water.
Kenny jumping a big gap of rocks.
Alex jumping the same gap.
Alex and I at the end of the jetty.

That night we did a ghost tour in Plymouth.
Before the ghost tour we looked at Plymouth rock.
Alex was a little dissappointed. 
He said it was a lot smaller than he expected it to be.

My grandma was really excited about this and asked us to go.
We went and had a good time.
It was a little long though.

We called it a night after the ghost tours.

On Saturday we stayed around Plymouth.
Mom and I started the day by doing a run around Plymouth.
It was a lot of fun.
After we went and had Mom and Alex's favorite meal of the day at a little cafe.

We then went and saw the Mayflower.
I remember visiting it all the time in elementary school.
It was fun for Alex to see it and experience it for the first time.

After the Mayflower we headed to the Plymouth Plantation.
It's a replication of what the original settlement would have looked like.
It also shows how the Indians would have been living like at that time.

We drove by Mabbie's house she grew up in.
Look at it, isn't it gorgeous!

That night, we celebrated my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.
It was so fun to spend time with my dad's side of the family.
 My dad and his siblings and parents.
 Alex and my cousin Tyler were matching.

 Kenny, Alex and myself at dinner.
 Cutting their cake
 We were asked to read the marriage advice.

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Looks like it was such a fun trip!! Someday we will make it out to Boston!!