Thursday, January 12, 2012

Knee Update:

So I finally got an MRI on Tuesday and went to the doctor today to figure out what the problem is.
Sadly, it is my ACL.
The doctor said I had a partial tear in my ACL and also a torn ligament on the outside of my knee.
The ligament will heal itself  but is the most painful part!
The doctor was surprised it was my ACL because my knee feels so stable so for now the plan is to do physical therapy for 2 weeks to see if it'll start to heal itself. 
If the physical therapy doesn't work then I'll need surgery.
I'm okay waiting a bit because I wouldn't be able to have surgery until presidents day weekend (because of student teaching and lacrosse).

So for now, I work on making my leg better.
I really hope the physical therapy works.
This process is absolutely killing me.

Outside of my knee, student teaching is great.
Alex doesn't have a horrible schedule this semester and is just busy with his job!

We'll do more updating later!

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Emi said...

Boo for ACL tearing, but yay that you at least have a chance of avoiding surgery! Good Luck!