Monday, January 23, 2012


Our poor blog has been neglected lately.
Here's an update of what we've been doing.
New boss at his work. Keeps him very busy.
Taking a basketball class which he thouroughly enjoys. 
He's enjoying his last semester so far.
His classes involve a lot of application and real life work, which he loves.
He's also got to go to Parowan to work on the houseboat.
He loves being able to do that so this weekend he got to work with Jared on the houseboat.
He's still being the awesome husband he has always been.
Very supportive and helpful because we've both been extremely busy the past few weeks.

Team teaching currently, starting to teach on my own starting the 31st.
Coaching lacrosse, currently just doing conditioning. We start practice on February 2nd with our sticks. I have an awesome group of girls this year.
Doing physical therapy trying to heal my leg. It definitely feels a little stronger.
Making sure to spend time with Alex. We take advantage of our nights together.

We enjoy being busy, but we also enjoy our weekends that we get to spend together.
We are lucky enough to have my little brother Kenny living with us until his mission.
It's been so enjoyable to have him around.

That's the update for now, sorry no pictures! I've been terrible at taking them lately.

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