Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

4 years ago I made the BEST decision of my life!
Alex and I have been married 4 years today.

We have had quite a few adventures these past 4 years.
Unlike a lot of new married couples, we stayed in the same apartment for almost the full 4 years! 
Quickly this summer our lives changed.
So in the past 4 years we have:
Lived in 1 apartment and 1 house
Lived in 2 different cities
Got pregnant!
Traveled to 15 states together (not counting ones we just drove through)
Welcomed 3 nephews.
Sent a 3 siblings on missions. (Christina, Wendy, Kenny)
Saw 3 siblings get married (Christina, Wendy, Cami)
Graduated college and got our bachelors.
Alex started his Masters, just has his project left.
Becca taught for a year.
Alex started his career.
Done 3 triathlons.
And so much more!

I'm thankful everyday I wake up and get to be with my best friend. 
Alex and I have a lot of fun and we are so excited to add a little girl to our family!

4 years down, but eternity to go.

I love you Alex!

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