Sunday, December 8, 2013


Lucy's Birth Story
November 11th, 2013
9:13 am
7lbs 4oz, 19.5 inches long

I was scheduled for an induction on Wednesday the 13th. We pretty much assumed that would be the day we would meet Lucy because I had just been having the same random contractions that never got regular. I was pretty bummed because my mom had to leave the night of the 14th.

Sunday night I was having no symptoms of labor, just what I had been having lately. I was laying on the couch and then had to sit up because I had some uncomfortable back pain. We all went to bed. Alex and I just stayed up and spent time talking about how we met and when we were dating. We were laughing and reminiscing. Looking back it was the perfect night for him and I to share together before we grew our family. We chatted and laughed and joked about things we've done since we've dated and got married. We looked through old pictures and just enjoyed our time together. While laying in bed, my back started aching! I had to start practicing my breathing it hurt so bad. One came and then another came about 10 minutes later. Then I kept getting more and more. Alex started to time them and we realized they were about 4-6 minutes apart. I called the hospital and they said it sounded like labor, but to give it 30 more minutes. If it didn't stop, come on in. I was a little nervous since I had gone in a few weeks before for false labor. I turned on an Office episode and said I'd decide what to do by the end of the episode. I got 20 minutes in and couldn't take the contractions any more. 

We got up, packed our bags, and woke up my mom. I walked in and said "Mom I think we need to get to the hospital." She said, "Really?! This is so exciting!" And out we went! We drove into Cedar and I was having contractions about every 2-3 minutes. While we were driving I said, "If they send me home they better give me drugs because I can't live like this." My dear goodness I have never felt a pain so intense. It hurt my back so bad that I wanted to cry but was in too much pain to cry. 

We got into labor and delivery and they had me get dressed in my gown and all hooked up. I was still having terrible contractions. It started in my back and it made me nauseous. Mom was rubbing my back and Alex was holding my hand. I was dilated to a 4 when we came in. She had made progress! The nurse said they would call the anesthesiologist to get my epidural. I knew I could do this if I had an epidural coming. We were checked in by 3. By about 3:30 I was at a 6 and still waiting for my epidural. At 4:00 the anesthesiologist came in and started to get prepped. Only Alex could stay in the room with me so Mom went into the hallway. Alex sat in front of me and the anesthesiologist was behind me. They were prepping my back and Alex started getting sick. He started getting tunnel vision, started sweating and asked the nurse for a drink of water. The nurse looked at him and said "Do you need to go outside?" And he said yes! He was so sick! I knew it was bad because he wouldn't have left if it wasn't. He said later, that he couldn't stop thinking about a giant needle going into my back and it was making him physically sick. I did not even care at this point. I just wanted the epidural and I was just trying to get through each contraction. I had a big one and then the doctor put the numbing shot in. Had another big one and after that they put the big needle in. Thank goodness for that. The next contraction I never felt. I also felt like myself again! Happy and ready to meet her. They let my Mom and Alex back in. Poor Alex was GREEN! His face looked so sick. He sat down for a while and I chatted with my mom. We were just joking around and enjoying ourselves. I know it is peoples personal decisions to get an epidural or not, but I am so thankful I did. I was in so much pain I couldn't focus on anything else. After the epidural I enjoyed myself!

The nurse came back at about 6 am with a new nurse who would help me through the rest of the process. Our first nurse who got us in and all hooked up was Erin and she was awesome. Our new nurse was Kaye. She was great as well. They checked me and said "You're at a 7, oh no wait never mind now an 8!" I was progressing like crazy. Dr. Gatherum came in at 6:30am to break my water because my water was "bulging". He broke my water and I was leaking fluid like crazy. He left and I started with my nurse on pushing at 7am. The pushing didn't hurt, but it was exhausting. Considering I hadn't slept since the night before I was tired, but it became a competition to me. Alex would count to 10 and I would have to push the whole way through. I'd do this 4 times during the contraction. One time my Mom said one more and I'd only done 3 so your dad was wondering if I would keep going. And I did! I don't cheat. I wanted you her out!

Lucy's head was sitting on my pelvic bone for a while. The nurse said it's cause she was looking towards her Mama Jen. Apparently her head would come out during the pushing and then suck back in. I kept pushing for a while. At about 8:45 am the nurse had stepped out and told us to keep pushing during the contractions. I was pushing and Christina was watching. She said "Um guys there is a head coming out!" And Alex said, "Stop pushing! We need a doctor, we are amateurs!" Haha. I love him.

The nurse was came in and she called the doctor. I was pushing and she told me to stop. She was coming! The doctor was in at about 9am. The epidural started to wear off a bit so I was starting to feel some pain. We asked if I could push for more medicine and the nurse said Lucy would be born by the time it kicked in! I was so tired at this point. The doctor said push and I closed my eyes and just pushed with everything left in me. The doctor said to put my hand down there and feel her head! She had hair! Then we waited for one more contraction and again I pushed with everything I had. They told me to open my eyes and there she were! I couldn't believe it! 9:13 am. I started crying (happy tears!) because she were there. My baby girl came! She cried for a second and then they put her on my chest and she stopped crying.

They checked Lucy, cleaned out her mouth and nose, and let her just lay on my chest. I was all fixed up and I got to just hold you. After, they took her and bathed her. They did it in the room. Mama Jen and Grandma Evans watched her. Then everyone got to hold you!

Alex is completely in love. He held you and just stared at you. I couldn't believe the love in his eyes. I've seen him look at me like that but the way he looked at you was incredible. It was amazing the love in his eyes. Never thought I could love him more but watching him with Lucy made me love him even more.

They moved us to a room that we would stay in for the next 48 hours. We had a lot of visitors! Cami and Grandma were there right after delivery. Mama Jen and Christina hung out with us all day. Wendy and Nate stopped by during a break at school. Papa came and visited. Aunt Marie, Aunt Noreen, and Jamie came and visited. Cheryl and Ceci came and gave her loves. And she got to meet Lukey! He looks huge compared to Lucy. That night, her cousins Joshie and Tyler got to see you in the nursery and Jared came and held her too!

Labor and delivery was such an incredible process. I really didn't enjoy pregnancy much, but I didn't mind my labor or delivery. Maybe it's because I finally was able to meet my sweet girl.


Becca and Bryan said...

I loved reading this! Thank you for sharing!

Ellie Kinard said...

Love reading birth stories! Congrats! What a blessing

Miene Smith said...

Love the read baby. Wish I could have to come see you all. Sending my love from BOSTON! LOVE YOU ALL

The Castletons said...

Way to go Mama! It's amazing what our bodies can do, isn't it? Lucy is beautiful, congratulations!!