Monday, June 29, 2009

Wisdom Teeth

Ewww!!! I got my wisdom teeth out this morning at 7:20 am. Alex called me to wake me up and make sure I was doing okay before I went in. It was my first time ever getting put under and I was nervous! I have a pretty high tolerence of pain but getting your wisdom teeth out is no fun! But at least Alex keeps his phone by him so when I'm not sleeping I get to talk to someone. My mom also hangs out with me. She's just been sitting watching tennis while I sleep. I'm wearing a funny thing on my head with ice in it to keep the swelling down. Let me just say wisdom teeth are no fun to get out but at least its over with!
I look so lovely. No making fun :D

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BEN and CHRISTA said...

Haha! Becca I got my wisdom teeth pulled too! Just a few weeks ago. I was out for a week, it was bad! I had a dry socket :( I am assuming you used your parent's insurance because you knew you would be paying wayyy more once you were married and cut off? Did you puff up? Hurt? I hope wedding plans are going well!! :)