Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Powell 09

So before we were ever engaged one of the first things Alex had asked me was to go to Lake Powell with him. So we went to Lake Powell and had a nice little adventure. Mark (Alex's Dad), Cami (his youngest sister), Alex, and I set out on Tuesday to go from Wahweap Marina to Bullfrog Marina which is about 80 miles. Mark wanted to see Rainbow bridge and hole in the rock while we were on our way. The first day we got to see Rainbow bridge and camped really close to it. We woke up that morning and got some great wakeboarding and skiing in. Then we continued our journey to Bullfrog. We stopped at the hole in the rock, and Mark climbed up to the top of it while Cami, Alex, and I floated in the bay. When Mark came down, we tried to start the boat but couldn't. We got someone to jumpstart us and we were able to continue. No more than a mile from hole in the rock the boat died again. Alex and Mark were able to fix her one more time. Then around mile marker 73 we died again!!! This time she wasn't gonna start. We had to flag down boats for help but it didn't do much. All of our cellphones were dead and mine was the only one with service so I was able to get a quick "help" text out to Alex's sisters and mom. Finally a park ranger came but said he could only tow our boat to the nearest beach. So he towed the boat to the nearest beach where Mark stayed and Alex, Cami and I met up with Alex's aunt and uncle at there house boat 15 miles away. Alex and I joined his Uncle Dean and cousin Burke in going to get the boat and bringing it back. Since we had to tow the boat 15 miles going 9 miles an hour it took almost 2 hours just to tow the boat back to the house boat. The first 2 days at Lake Powell were quite the adventure. The rest of the time we just wakeboarded, surfed, and tubed. We played cards with Alex's cousins and I even went skinny dipping with Alex's sisters and cousins. It was a way fun time at the lake.

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