Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Finally Together Again

After more than 2 months of long distance Alex and I finally got to see each other again. I flew out to Utah and stayed for 11 days and wow the time flew by. We had so much fun while we were together and can not wait for that to be the rest of our lives. I arrived in Las Vegas at 9 in the morning so we spent all Friday so excited just to be with each other. We went to a dinner that night for his cousins wedding and I met more of Alex's extended family (and he has a lot!). On Saturday, Alex went on a 22 mile bike ride with his sisters and brother in law getting ready for the triatholon they are doing this coming weekend. Then I got up and ran with Alex and wow was the altitude noticable on the lungs! I sucked. Afterwards we went and saw the petroglyphs from the indians at the gap about 10 miles from his house. The rest of the day we just hung out until his cousins wedding which was beautiful. After the wedding we went to dinner with all of Alex's family. Sunday we went to church and to his aunts house after where I met more family and got a card trick played on me which I could not understand at all. It took me forever to get it. Alex and I fished that night and I caught 3 baby fishy's. On Monday, we planned to go to Provo to do a few things, and so Alex's dad said Alex could drive the truck to Provo and he would take it to Logan with the cows in it while we did all the errands we had to do. I got to see what Alex has been doing all summer. I road the in a semi with him up to Delta where they loaded the cows and then up to Provo with all the cows in it! Never thought I'd do something like that! In Provo we saw our new apartment, ordered our wedding bands, and even bought a new kitchen table for our apartment (30$ gotta love it!) Around 9 at night we met Alex's dad at Cheryl and Jareds and then made our way back to Parowan. It was nearly impossible to find a resturant open that late and when we finally did we had the WORST server ever! But it was still a fun time. Tuesday threw Saturday we were at Lake Powell. On Sunday, I got to meet Alex's high school friend Trever, his wife, and even his baby girl. We just enjoyed each others company the rest of that day. Monday, I became a real cow girl. I helped Alex and his dad herd cattle on a real horse! It was funny and fun all at the same time. It even started raining on us while we were herding the cattle. "It was raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock"-Mark Evans. Hahaha. That night we had a barbeque in the mountains with Alex's parents and sister Cami. Alex also found a game that he could beat me in, Mario Kart. Tuesday Alex had to drive me to the airport. We were both really sad that we had to go back to the long distance thing. But on the bright side there are only 3 weeks until we get to see each other again. We can not wait to be together back in Nashville.

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