Sunday, March 20, 2011

Birthday week day 5.
Today was an amazing day!
Christina and I were little monsters for the evening.

I got to go to the Lady Gaga concert with my sister.

We had so much fun.
Loveeee me some Gaga.

We saw some interesting outfits, took some pictures with drag queens, and danced the night away.

When I got home, Alex had given me all my favorite foods.
He even got me diet coke.
Since I have a bet with my dad, he put a wrapper that said diet coke around a powerade bottle.
He's so creative


Utah School of said...

Thats so cute, he is so creative! BTW- super jealous that you got to go to Lady Gaga. UH!!!!

Utah School of said...

woops, haha, this is Gillian. I am signed into my work email.