Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yesterday was this kids birthdayKenny turned 19 yesterday!!
I remember when we were dressing up for Halloween in Massachusetts.
I remember dressing him up like a girl and he enjoyed it. Haha.
Kenny is such a dare devil.
He is afraid of nothing
Which is funny because those who knew Kenny when he was little can remember how terrified he was of rollercosters.
You would never know that now.
I was so lucky to get to go sky diving with him last summer.
He's an awesome wakeboarder.
He can flip, do 360's and fly like crazy.
It's fun to watch him.
He's so funny.
He is good at making quick witty comments.
He cracks me up.
He's grown up so much.
I think he's the most changed out of all of us since we were little.
He is now a freshman at college and it has been so fun having him out here.
It will be crazy when he goes on his mission.
I'll miss him a ton.
But wherever he goes he'll be the best missionary and the people he will teach will be so grateful for all he did to get there.

He's always been one of my closest friends.
Ever since we were little we've always gotten along.

I'm so thankful for my little brother.
He's so fun to be around.

Happy 19th Kenny!!

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Gillian Mohlman said...

aww cute! your so adventurous B!

Happy birthday Kenny! Hope it was great!