Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I had to share these.
I went to the park today with my sweet nephews.
They were in heaven, they were laughing and loving it.
Melted my heart.
Then Alex wanted to take a nap, so Tyler cuddled up with him.
Instead of sleeping he played with Uncle Alex's nose.
They love him.

I love being so close to them and getting to watch them for my sister-in-law.
I'm really sad I won't be able to watch them during the week next semester.
Just means they'll be seeing lots of me on the weekends.
I love those boys.
They've been such a blessing in my life.


Cheryl Meibos said...

They make me so happy! Thank you for being so good to my babies! It makes it much easier to leave them. They love their Aunt Becca!

Gillian Mohlman said...

oh you are so cute bec. you are going to be such a great mommy. cant wait for you to cuddle my love bug.