Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Look at me go, blogging three times in 2 days!
I'm on fire!!

Just wanted to write a quick health post.
For all the skeptics out there who think that strictly watching what you eat and exercising won't help you lose weight, I have some news for you!
For the past few weeks I've been watching my calories and exercising every day.
I've lost 6.5 pounds!
It was a little slow going at first and I wasn't seeing any results, but the past week, the results have really shown.

I'm excited to use myself as an example in the health classes I teach next semester!

Get out and be healthy!!


Sierra said...

Good to know! I'm trying!

Rachel said...

What the heck!? Did you even have 6.5 lbs to lose?! Little skinny mini :) I'm glad it's working for you! My body is having issues. I don't know if you've read my blog. but It's not responding. I just watch every week as the scale continues to go higher and higher. Joy. I'll figure out what is going on, though!

Jefferson & Jaclyn Clark said...

Good for you! And I would like to thank Rachel ^^ for helping me understand your post. The first 5 times I read it I thought you said you had lost 65 pounds and I was like what the heck? Good for you though and you will be a great example to those kids!