Thursday, December 6, 2012

Knee Surgery

So on New Years Eve last year, I hurt my knee wakeskiing.
I never ended up having surgery for my ACL and my knee did really well for a while.
I was really active this summer and fall.
During a flag football game, I forgot to put my brace on.
I ran a play and stepped on my knee so wrong. It hurt so bad.
This was just before Thanksgiving break, so I was happy to have the time to let it heal.
During Thanksgiving break I tried to go on a run and I normally have no problem running 3 miles non-stop, but I had to keep stopping cause of my knee. It was so annoying.
It felt better though the next week.
I had a flag football game after break.
I played and I made a cut while running with the ball. It KILLED.
I played the rest of the game and could sort of run on it, but it was painful.
We went to dinner with a friend after and when I tried to get up from the table I couldn't even put weight on my leg.
It was a different injury than I had had.

The next morning I was in tons of pain. Connor's (Christina's fiance's) grandad was an orthopedic surgeon.
I went to his house that evening and he looked at it and he thought I tore my meniscus.
He also worked with my orthopedic surgeon and scheduled an MRI for me.
I got my MRI Friday morning.
Saturday morning Dr. Schow, (my orthopedic surgeon who I went to at the beginning of the year and was kind enough to take time on his day off to call) called and said he looked at the MRI and that I had a torn meniscus and my ACL was still torn.

I went to his office on Monday, and we scheduled surgery for Wednesday (because I could barely bare weight on it). They were going to go in and fix my meniscus and my ACL.

On Wednesday, Alex and I went to the surgery center at 11am. I was really nervous cause this was my first surgery! They prepped me and got me all ready. At 12:30 they took me to the operating room. I went in the operating room and I remember talking to the anesthesiologist (I get really chatty when I'm nervous). I remember him asking me to tell him a story and I said I couldn't think of one, and that was it!

I woke up and Cheryl and Joyce were there. Alex had to leave to take a test in class. Apparently I am a crazy coming out of surgery. They got some good videos of me. I talked about the most random things after!

I don't even remember it, it's the craziest thing. I remember waking up and getting a sip of diet coke and seeing Cheryl recording me.
All yesterday my knee was numb so it didn't hurt too bad.
Today it has been killing and last night I barely got any sleep. Thank goodness for good pain medicine to help with the pain.

I'm also so thankful for my husband who has been super helpful even though school has not been easy on him. I'm thankful for my mother-in-law who came to help me out and for Cheryl helping out too and getting me a nice fountain diet coke. I'm thankful for my sister for bring me dinner (she brought pizza and that was exactly what I was craving). I'm thankful for my sister Ana for stopping by and bring me some treats. I'm thankful for my friend Aubrey who brought me flowers and ice cream and made me laugh when she came over. And I'm so thankful my mom will be coming tomorrow to help take care of me and help me with Christina's shower!

Thank goodness for good people in my life who have made this easier on me. Even my students have been so awesome for me since I got hurt. My doctor has been awesome and has gotten it fixed so fast so I can start the recovery.

 So glad that I can move on my way to having a good healthy knee again!

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