Monday, August 1, 2011

Oregon Trip

On Wednesday, the 20th, Alex and I headed off to Oregon to spend some time with Mabbie and John.
We decided about a year ago we would make the trip to the northwest coast because we both have family up there, plus I’d never been!
The trip from our sweet Provo apartment, to Mabbie's house, took us 13 hours. 
On the way up we stopped at Multnomah Falls.

The waterfall was gorgeous!

We arrived around 7 pm.
We chatted and ate some dinner and then headed to bed because we were leaving to go camping in the morning.
Thursday morning we got all packed up and headed to the Oregon coast.
When driving to the coast it was so cool, the forests were so different then I had ever seen.
They have moss all over them.
I kept telling Alex I thought trolls lived in the forests because they reminded me of the movie Enchanted.
We made it to the campground, which was just outside of a town called Nehalem, got all set up and walked down to the coast.

It was pretty chilly but we had to put our feet in the water.
The water was freezing!
But it was really beautiful.
After that we ate some dinner, and hung out.
The next morning, Alex and I got up and went for a run.
We were still in training for the triathlon.
We got back and had some breakfast.
After breakfast we got ready and headed to Tillamook.
We first stopped to at the Tillamook cheese factory.

We saw packaging cheese, we didn’t see them making it, but it was still really cool.
We tried all the different types of cheeses and Mabbie and John bought some cheese for us to enjoy while camping.
After eating some cheese we decided to have some Tillamook ice cream.

It was delicious!
After the cheese factory, we drove along to the coast to stop at a lighthouse.
It was beautiful, but sad because two boys had vandalized the windows at the lighthouse.

But the view was amazing.
On the way back to the campground we stopped and got some Tillamook beef jerky.
We played games that night at the campground and just enjoyed relaxing.
Saturday morning we work up and ran again.
We had a tasty breakfast then headed into Cannon beach.
We stopped at a beach called haystack rock and looked at the tide pools.

It’s been such a long time that I’ve got to play in tide pools that it was so exciting.

After the tide pools we went to a city called Cannon beach.
It was the cutest little town.
We walked the downtown, got some taffy, and ate at a pizza parlor.

Another great day on the coast.
Sunday, we cleaned up, packed up and headed out.
When we got back we headed to my Uncle Lee’s and Aunt Linda’s to see them and my cousins who also live in Oregon.
We had dinner with them and had a great time reminiscing and laughing.
It was great to see all my cousins who I haven’t seen in years.
Also it was Alex’s first time to meet all the cousins!
I missed them!

Monday we went on a jog and learned how many hills were around Mabbie’s house.
It was killer!
After we headed to Portland with Mabbie.
We got some donuts from a famous donut placed called Voodoo donuts.

We walked around a little farmers market in the middle of Portland.
We also walked on the waterfront, and it was so cool to see the city built on the river.

After walking around, we stopped at John's office to see his company.
We had fun in Portland and loved how eccentric it was.
“Keep Portland Weird”

That night we had fun just hanging out with Mabbie and John and watching the Bachelorette.
Tuesday we packed up and headed to Washington!

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