Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This post is long overdue.
But since we aren't celebrating until Friday, because we've been out of town and Alex's has been working...I think it's okay that it's a little late!

Two years ago on August 14th, I married my best friend.
This year on that same day we had a family reunion and celebrated my grandparents 50th birthday.
It was a great way to spend it because I loved seeing the love my grandparents still have for eachother.
My grandpa still grabs my grandma's hand, and still hugs her all the time.

And today is my parents anniversary.
They have been together for 26 years.
My dad thinks my mom is the most amazing woman in the whole world.
I always wanted to find someone who loved me as much as my dad loves my mom.

I'm so lucky that I found someone who will want to hold my hand when I'm old.
And hug me all the time.
I'm also glad I found someone I can constantly have fun with all the time.
I'm glad I found someone my family absolutely adores and someone whose family I absolutely adore.
I'm glad I found someone who loves me like my dad loves my mom.
So here's to 2 years to my sweetheart!
Can't wait for our adventures ahead!

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