Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Spudman Triathlon:
Saturday we had the Spudman triathlon.
The night before I didn’t get a very goodnight sleep because I was so nervous.
We headed up to the race in the morning and we were running a little late, which was kind of good because I didn’t have time to get nervous.
Alex and Jared started in wave 2 and they were off!

Cecilie and I started in wave 3 and when they said go I just started to swim.
The race started with the swim in the Snake River.

It was so nice because the current helped push you along.
I got through the swim by doing the backstroke and the sidestroke.
One hundred strokes on the back and one hundred on the side, switching back and forth.
I saw the end of the swim and looked at the path by the bikes and saw Alex.
I called his name and said hi, and then was right out of the river.
Getting out of the river, I started taking off my wetsuit and ran by Alex.
I heard Alex say, “Babe I think someone stole my socks! I have no socks!”

He couldn’t find his socks so he did the bike and the run with no socks on.
I had my wetsuit off by the time I got to my bike and dried my feet off, threw on my shoes and ran out of the bike area.
I hopped on my bike and started biking.
The bike was horrible.
I didn’t train very well for the bike, which was a huge mistake.
I felt like I was pedaling like everyone else but like I wasn’t getting anywhere.
I would mess with my gears go up and down and just couldn’t get it.
I was getting really discouraged because I was just being passed and passed and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.
I beat Cecilie out of the river but both her and Cheryl passed me on the bike.
I got really discouraged and was having a hard time on the bike.
I kept talking to myself saying, “you’re doing awesome you’re doing great”
When I finally saw the bridge near where we started I wanted to cry I was so happy.
I could not wait to get off that stupid bike.
I got off the bike and my left foot was numb!
I hung my bike up and decided to eat one of the goo things that are supposed to give you energy.
Oh my goodness it was disgusting.
After that I headed out on my run.

The run felt like a complete relief from the bike.
I felt in my element and I knew I could finish it without stopping.
At around a mile and a half I was so sick.
My stomach was killing and the lady running next to me said I looked really pale.
At mile two I went to the side of the road and puked.
I’m pretty sure the stupid goo made me sick, but after I threw up I felt so much better.
I just ran and ran; finally I was the one passing people instead of getting passed like on the bike.
It was a great feeling passing people that had passed me on the bike.
The only time I had to stop on the run was to use the bathroom at about mile 4.
Other than that I ran the whole way.
My back did amazing.
The night before I made a deal with my back.
I said that if it would not hurt until the last mile, it would be perfect.
I knew I could bare the pain for about a mile but anything more than that wouldn’t be good
During the last half mile of the run it was almost instant.
My back just started to kill.
In my head I just thought, “You said it could hurt at this point just push through.”
Running and seeing that finish line was one of the best feelings ever.
I kicked it into high gear and ran past the finish line.

It was so good to see Alex.

So good.
It made me so happy to be down and to have actually enjoyed myself.

I will participate in the Spudman again, probably next year!
But I will absolutely be working on my biking more because I could have been way faster if I would have just figured out that stupid bike!!

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Mattson Family said...

You are amazing! I could never do that, always kind of wanted to, but probably never will!