Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Washington Trip:

On Tuesday we headed up to Washington.
On the way up we stopped at Mount St. Helens because neither Alex nor I had ever been there.
While we were headed up Alex and I read all about Mount St. Helen’s on my phone.
It was so interesting because I didn’t know much about the 1980 eruption.
When we got to the Mountain it was kind of sad because they had pictures of the mountain before the eruption and it was so beautiful.

After the eruption the mountain looked completely different and didn’t even look like a mountain any more.
We ate at a little café on the way down, and then headed to Enumclaw.

We arrived in Enumclaw at Alex’s grandparents house.
We had dinner that night with his grandparents, his Aunt Gayle and Uncle Tracey and his cousin Rachel.
After dinner his cousins, Angie and Stacey, and their kids came over.
Alex’s Uncle Tracey took us in his plane on a ride.

It was so fun to fly in his plane!
We headed back to his grandparents and had a great night.
That next morning we woke up and did our run.
I got lost and Alex had to come find me.
His grandparents made us a great breakfast.
We then headed to Seattle with Gayle and Tracey.
They showed us around the city.
We went to see the Fremont Troll (which was shown in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You, my favorite movie).

We then went and saw the Locks which is were boats going from the lake into the Puget sound go in the lock and the water level changes so that the boats can enter or exit the sound!
We also saw the fish ladders and saw the salmon swimming upstream.

We then headed to Menchies frozen yogurt that Tracey partially owns.
It was perfect for me because I love some frozen yogurt!
We then went and walked around Pikes Place market.

There was so much fresh seafood and produce I would love to have a market like that around me in Provo.
We stuck gum on the gum wall, gross.

Then ate at Ivars.
It had great seafood and was fun to feed the seagulls.

After getting back from Seattle we went to Alex’s cousins Angies to chat and hang out with his cousins Stacey and Scott and Angie and their spouses.
It was fun to meet them and talk with them
We had such a fun night.
Thursday morning, we did our last run of the week, and no one got lost.
We enjoyed breakfast and then went to pick up Gayle and Rachel.
We spent the day at Mount Rainer.

We saw huge trees in the forests up the canyon and learned all about Mount Rainer.
I think Alex was fighting an urge to climb it.

That night we had dinner with everyone and got some good rest.
Friday we woke up early and headed out to Idaho.
We had so much fun in Washington with Alex’s family and definitely will have to make a trip back sometime soon.

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